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8 years of pain relief

How We Got Started

At Simple Spectra, our mission is to help people find relief from foot pain and tension, including the discomfort of conditions like plantar fasciitis. Through our innovative line of foot rollers, massage cups, and other wellness products, we are committed to empowering our customers to live free from discomfort and stress, and to achieve optimal physical and mental well-being.

Our Founder

As an engineer in Silicon Valley,  Arbi saw the incredible need for high quality pain relief solutions that were not previously available to consumers.  After launching Simple Spectra in 2016 Arbi is now running Simple Spectra full time and has expanded to all the major global markets.

Our First Solution

Our first pain relief solution is our custom state of the art foot roller,  created to relieve the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis,

$3M+ Global Sales

Available in all of the top global markets and contracts with all of the top distributors we are proud say we have far exceeded our initial goals with over 3 million sales to date.


Original Founders

John Woo

John Woo

Executive of sales and relations in Hong Kong

Paul Robert

Paul Robert

Chief Financial Officer in Palo Alto

Jane Cole

Jane Cole

President of global sales and Business relations in London

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